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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Dec-2018Effort and performance in a cooperative activity are boosted by perception of a partner’s effortChennells, Matthew; Michael, John-Journal Article
Dec-2016Observing joint action: Coordination creates commitmentMichael, John; Sebanz, Natalie; Knoblich, Günther-Journal Article
Mar-2019Goal Slippage: A Mechanism for Spontaneous Instrumental Helping in Infancy?Michael, John; Székely, Marcell-Journal Article
May-2018Seeing it both ways: Using a double-cuing task to investigate the role of spatial cuing in Level-1 visual perspective-taking.Michael, John; Wolf, Thomas; Letesson, Clément; Butterfill, Stephen; Skewes, Joshua; Hohwy, Jakob-Journal Article
2018The Sense of Commitment in Individuals With Borderline Personality Traits in a Non-clinical PopulationOoi, Jinnie; Francová, Anna; Székely, Marcell; Michael, John-Journal Article
Dec-2019Cueing Implicit CommitmentBonalumi, Francesca; Isella, Margherita; Michael, John-Journal Article
Mar-2019Does sensorimotor communication stabilize commitment in joint action?Green, Alexander; McEllin, Luke; Michael, John-Journal Article
29-Apr-2019Feeling committed to a robot: why, what, when and how?Powell, Henry; Michael, John-Journal Article
Jul-2020Decision‐makers use social information to update their preferences but choose for others as they do for themselvesMichael, John; Gutoreva, Alina; Lee, Michele H; Tan, Peng Ning; Bruce, Eleanor M; Székely, Marcell; Ankush, Thobhani; Sakaguchi, Hiroaki; Walasek, Lukasz; Ludvig, Elliot A-Journal Article
May-2020Still want to help? Interpersonal coordination's effects on helping behaviour after a 24 hour delayCross, Liam; Michael, John; Wilsdon, Luke; Henson, Agnes; Atherton, Gray-Journal Article
2014Dissociable Processes for Orientation Discrimination Learning and Contextual Illusion MagnitudeWilks, Charlotte Elizabeth Holmes; Rees, Geraint; Schwarzkopf, Dietrich Samuel-Journal Article
15-Jul-2020Health-related quality of life after traumatic brain injury: deriving value sets for the QOLIBRI-OS for Italy, The Netherlands and The United KingdomVoormolen, Daphne C; Polinder, Suzanne; von Steinbuechel, Nicole; Feng, Yan; Wilson, Lindsay; Oppe, Mark; Haagsma, Juanita A; CENTER-TBI participants and investigators,; Horton, Lindsay-Journal Article
Dec-2020Interpersonal Functioning in Borderline Personality Disorder Traits: A Social Media PerspectiveOoi, Jinnie; Michael, John; Lemola, Sakari; Butterfill, Stephen; Siew, Cynthia S Q; Walasek, Lukasz-Journal Article
2019"The Group Knobe Effect": evidence that people intuitively attribute agency and responsibility to groupsMichael, John; Szigeti, András-Journal Article
Jun-2020Prosocial effects of coordination - What, how and why?Michael, John; McEllin, Luke; Felber, Annalena-Journal Article
Dec-2019Joint action goals reduce visuomotor interference effects from a partner’s incongruent actionsClarke, Sam; McEllin, Luke; Francová, Anna; Székely, Marcell; Butterfill, Stephen A.; Michael, John-Journal Article
-Robust, source-independent biases in children's use of socially and individually acquired informationAtkinson, Mark; Renner, Elizabeth; Thompson, Bill; Mackintosh, Gemma; Xie, Dongjie; Su, Yanjie; Caldwell, Christine A-Journal Article
2019Weakening the subjective sensation of own hand ownership does not interfere with rapid finger movementsReader, Arran T; Ehrsson, H Henrik-Journal Article
Apr-2018Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals a role for the left inferior parietal lobule in matching observed kinematics during imitationReader, Arran T; Royce, Ben P; Marsh, Jade E; Chivers, Katy-Jayne; Holmes, Nicholas P-Journal Article
Nov-2018A kinematic examination of dual-route processing for action imitationReader, Arran T; Rao, Vaisnavi M; Christakou, Anastasia; Holmes, Nicholas P-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1611